😘 Originally started as a misogynistic slur hurled by Japanese men at Japanese girls and women in fandom

😘 Is a pun or portmanteau that literally means “rotten woman”

😘 Colloquially means “unmarriageable”, “not good wife material”

😘 Basically means someone who is more interested in fandom husbandos than getting married and raising a family

😘 Is a widely reclaimed and self-applied label in Japan by Japanese women, and by other women in fandom throughout the world.

😘 Is still a slur if you use it against someone as an insult, including if that person is not Japanese.

😘 Funny enough if you call a western fan a “fujoshi” or a “fujo” as an insult you are using it in the same way as a conservative Japanese man who thinks women need to get offline and into the kitchen.

Hope that helps!