Age Gaps And Proships – A Problem In Some Communities

Before we began, i Want to Say That this post Will contain Mentions of Ped0philia and Problematic Topics. If You Are sensitive to this Stuff, leave this post!

Alright, here’s the chapters

  1. What’s a Proship?
  2. What’s An Age Gap?
  3. When It Is Too Much?
  4. Conclusion

Chapter 1 – What’s a Proship?

A Proship Is a Ship That Is Problematic (ex: a Ship with an adult and a Child/teen, A Ship Bettwen siblings/cousins, or Ship with Problematic HCs). The people That Ship this kind of Ships are called Proshippers, and the popular fandoms are Genshin impact, Project SEKAI, Danganronpa, ETC. Proshippers are Problematic cause the normalize Ped0philia and inc3st and unluckily, They are pretty popular on apps like TikTok and Tumblr.

Chapter 2 – What’s An Age Gap?

An Age Gap Is a Trope/cliche were Two Characters (usally lovers) Who have Different ages (ex: the girl can be 14 and the boy can be 15). There Is no wrong with This Trope, however, there Is a Problem when the ages are more than 10 of diffrence. This Trope Isn’t Problematic, however, check the ages of the Characters so You can be sure It Is legal.

Chapter 3 – When It Is Too Much?

It Is too much when the Characters’s ages are Problematic and the realtionship Bettwen the Characters Is Problematic, plus, people Who support this unluckily exist in this great world and seems That no One Is there to stop them.

Chapter 4 – Conclusion

In the end, don’t Ship Proships, and if you see someone proshipping, don’t Send them HATE, Just report them.

That is not the correct definition of proship.

Proship does not describe a type of ship it describes a type of shipper.

Proship means Pro (in favor of) shipping. It refers to people who don’t care what other people ship, and think it’s okay for anyone to ship whatever they want.

The word you are looking for is comship, which means complicated ship.

Here’s a glossary of shipping terms that you can consult so you can make sure you’re blacklisting and avoiding the types of ships you don’t want to see.

Have a great day!