I’m going to answer this about Griff, who is my Slayers S/I involved with Xelloss and Naga. Griff is a magical researcher who is working on completing a book with the details of all the different Mazoku (demons) in the world that can be summoned. Basically an Ars Goetia but for the Slayers world.

1: How did your S/I and F/O meet?

Griff first met Xelloss when Griff was a little kid, working at their parents inn, at a crossroads on a trade route through the forest. Xelloss appeared at the inn one night as a mysterious cloaked stranger in the corner. Despite it being very subtle, Griff noticed that he was using some kind of magic to mess with some of the other patrons in the inn, and Xelloss noticed that Griff was watching with fascination. Later that night, Xelloss appeared in Griff’s room and gave them their first book of magical spells, telling them he would be watching their career.

Griff first met Naga when Griff was hiring a mercenary to help guard them while they were researching and delving into an old ruin. Griff ended up hiring Naga, and the two of them got along really well despite their very opposite personalities. After the job at the ruin was done, they decided to stick together, and Naga would help Griff put together their book.

3: Has anyone ever tried to break up your S/I and your F/O? Who was it, and why were they trying to do that? How did it fail?

Most people don’t know that Xelloss and Griff are together, so no one really tries to break them up… Naga on the other hand. People just keep proposing to Naga while Griff is *right there*. Like, its a problem. Adventurer dudes are constantly like ‘come away with me and be my bride, Miss Naga’, and Griff is just like *evil gremlin stare*. Naga isn’t interested, and doesn’t really take it seriously, but a few times Griff has summoned a mazoku to ‘deal with’ her suitors in one way or another.

12: What’s a hobby that your S/I and your F/O share? Imagine a memorable incident that could happen while they pursue their hobby together.

The biggest hobby that all three of us, Griff, Naga, and Xelloss share is probably harassing people and causing chaos and trouble in moderately annoying ways. The three of us were absolutely a huge pain in the ass when we went to Naga’s sister’s big wedding at capital. Naga made a toast speech that was basically just a string of puns at the couple’s expense, an Xelloss pretended to be a waiter for a while and got peoples drink orders wrong persistently, with Griff playing backup to both of them. o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o