I have a few different S/Is for different canons!

  • Griff is my Slayers and general fantasy setting S/I.
  • Trifena “Fenya” Smythe is my Pathologic and general Victorian setting S/I
  • Victor is my marvel mutant S/I
  • James Sharpe is my other Marvel S/I
  • I don’t exactly have a Danganronpa S/I because Toko is Toko….
  • I also have a Metal Gear Solid and Girls Frontline S/I called Lynx who I haven’t developed that much yet…
  • I really need to make pages for everybody… ヾ(≧へ≦)〃.

I’m going to answer this about Griff!

6: What are your S/I’s friends like? Does your F/O get along with them, or is there some tension? Does your S/I get along with your F/O’s friends?

Most of Griff’s friends are low level mazoku/demons that they summon, which most humans find pretty unusual. Outside of Griff’s polycule, they’re also friends with a lot of weird magicians and thieves. Griff’s demon friends are kind of on a scale of jerk to mischievous prankster, so they can be hard for even Naga and Xelloss to get along with– most of them are pretty intimidated by Xelloss of course since he’s so much more powerful than them.

10: Does your S/I have any rivals or enemies? What are they like and how did they meet? What does your F/O think of them? Have there been any serious clashes?

Griff’s biggest rival is Naga’s sister, Amelia. Because Amelia is a so-called holy mage and a ‘champion of justice’, she’s convinced that Griff’s trafficking with demons is pretty flatly evil and stupid, and won’t miss a chance to tell Griff that she should stop doing it. Griff mostly finds Amelia to be somewhere between amusingly annoying at best, to incredibly frustrating at worst. They’re kind of friends, but they definitely come to blows at odds with one another. Xelloss finds the whole thing hilarious and tends to needle things in a way to foster the tension between them, because of course he does. Naga on the other hand sometimes winds up in the role of mediator, by virtue of being Amelia’s sister, despite finding her justice thing pretty annoying too.

13: Have your F/O and S/I ever been in serious danger together? What happened, and how did they get out of it?

Naga and Griff are adventurers, so they’re in danger pretty constantly. The biggest mess they’ve gotten themselves into was probably starting a demonic civil war! However there have been lots of times where a smaller issue turned into a big one and they ended up having to flee town… Usually when they’re in danger they laugh about it together afterward!