f/o ask game: nature edition

oak – who’s the more emotional one? how do you balance each other out in this aspect?

mist – how does your f/o help you out when you’re feeling lost?

stars – what kind of a date would your f/o take you on?

apple – do you and your f/o cook together? what do you make?

dove – what kind of wedding would you and your f/o have?

storm – what are cozy days in with your f/o like?

ivy – how do you take care of each other when you’re sick?

fawn – do you and your f/o play video games together? which ones?

peaches – how did you and your f/o meet?

pine – do you believe in love at first sight?

pond – how do you get along with your f/o’s friends?

mushroom – give a headcanon of your f/o

moonlight – freebie! say anything you’d like about your f/o