This ask game, and Mystique is still on my mind today!

Benitoite: What’s something about your F/O that really stands out to you?

I mean she’s gorgeous, how can you miss that? I never miss an opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is in her ‘neutral’ form, because honestly she talks herself up, but I also know she has a lot of negativity about her body. She usually assumes that someone will prefer her in the form of someone else. But no. She’s a fucking blue bombshell. Perfect in every way.

Obsidian: Between you and your F/O, who is the better cook? Do you often cook together?

Mystique isn’t a bad cook at all, but she often doesn’t have the time or inclination and ends up getting take out or leaving the cooking to me. But she does enjoy cooking, so when we have the time we’ll do cooking together, usually with me taking the lead.

Alexandrite: What’s something your F/O is very passionate about?

Mutant rights, equality and social justice. Some people misunderstand her and think she’s just out for herself, but Mystique really is passionate about helping her fellow mutants. She’s lived through just about the whole history of the rise of mutants in the population, and seen first hand how they get treated when they don’t stand up for themselves. Her and Irene were some of the first out there really trying to make sure that humans couldn’t strip mutants or their rights; and even if it backfires sometimes, that’s really what she cares about. I’ve listened to numerous rants about it, and honestly it’s really inspiring, and a little scary sometimes, to hear her. She really cares.