I don’t give a fuck if a ship is “healthy”. I don’t want my ship to be “healthy”, I want it to be interesting.

I don’t ship a pairing solely based on how cute they are together, or how they’re always there for each other, or how they always manage to make things work. That’s boring. Literally dull as fuck. Honestly, I’m already dozing off. I don’t care if it may be “healthy”. I don’t care if it may be “unhealthy”, either.

I think this is why a lot of people enjoy problematic ships. It spices things up. It makes it more interesting. It introduces many new ways that make the relationship complex or difficult. How a character is going to handle an abusive relationship? Or someone hating themselves so much to the point where they think they deserve to die for dating someone underage? Or the rising tension as two characters have to keep their illegal relationship a secret, with the worry of getting caught one day? Well now I’m actually hooked. Because this gives so many opportunities to make a ship dark and angsty. And that’s what I like.

And yes, of course, “healthy” ships can be interesting, too. They can still be worth shipping. They can still have elements to them that don’t make them boring, and in which case, sure, I’ll still ship it. Because I don’t choose to focus on the fact that it’s “unproblematic”. I choose to focus on what makes it complex or deep.

I understand certain ships might not be for everybody, and that’s okay. But I will say, if you ship something just for the sole reason that it’s “unproblematic”? Then yeah, I’m sorry, but you’re boring as fuck. You could not sound like more of a goody-two-shoes if you tried.