guidelines for minors in the therian/otherkin community:

  • predators are everywhere, including within this subculture. block. report. tell an adult you trust if you feel unsafe.
  • p-shifters are individuals who claim they can physically transform into their kintype. they’re lying. they want attention. power. control. block them and spread the word.
  • it’s okay to change your kintype. we’re just glad you’re figuring yourself out. we don’t think you’re faking.
  • “kin” is a noun, not a verb. you are kin. you are not “kinning.”
  • it’s okay to have fun in this community. it’s okay to take yourself seriously, too. if someone doesn’t like your self-expression? block them.
  • don’t feed the trolls. they want to suck you in. laugh at you. hurt you. don’t take the bait and remember: the block button is your friend.
  • some people believe their identity to be spiritual. sometimes it’s psychological. respect both.
  • if your identity is causing serious distress, to the point that it’s affecting your daily life, seek professional help. and if you ever feel like hurting yourself, help is just a phone call away.

Feel free to add more ⚡⚡⚡