Also, my point about pedophilia a few posts ago (it was about censorship) was that with conservatives (and antis too, and TERFs) pedophilia is whatever they want it to be!

Suddenly a man wearing a dress and reading to children is pedophilia. Suddenly a man wearing a dress in public where kids might see is pedophilia. (Talking about drag queens and cross dressers, not trans women but trans women are often associated with this stuff because TERFs and conservatives see them as men).

Suddenly two women holding hands in public is pedophilia because children might see.

And it goes on and on like that until the straight christian nuclear family is the only acceptable thing to show!

And antis twist the definition of pedophilia in the same way conservatives and TERFs do.

I got accused of pedophilia for shipping a 33 and 58 year old. Like?? They’re both over 10 years older than me lol.

Suddenly a drawing of a child in a suggestive pose is pedophilia.

Then a drawing of an adult who looks young is pedophilia.

Like, are you starting to see how “x is pedophilia so it’s bad” is a terrible point to make??

I’m not saying “accusing someone of pedophilia is bad because I believe pedophilia to be good”, I’m saying “accussing someone of pedophilia as an attempt to censor them, because they’re weird or do things different from you, is a slippery slope that leads to things that aren’t pedophilia at all being seen as taboo.

And I’m saying it follows the same pattern every time. And every time an anti or anyone else screams "that’s pedophilia” when it is not literally an adult (or someone over 16) being attracted to real prepubescent children, then you’re not only watering down the definition of pedophilia but you are giving people an in to accuse perfectly normal people of pedophilia because they do something you don’t like.