😘 Originally started as a misogynistic slur hurled by Japanese men at Japanese girls and women in fandom

😘 Is a pun or portmanteau that literally means “rotten woman”

😘 Colloquially means “unmarriageable”, “not good wife material”

😘 Basically means someone who is more interested in fandom husbandos than getting married and raising a family

😘 Is a widely reclaimed and self-applied label in Japan by Japanese women, and by other women in fandom throughout the world.

😘 Is still a slur if you use it against someone as an insult, including if that person is not Japanese.

😘 Funny enough if you call a western fan a “fujoshi” or a “fujo” as an insult you are using it in the same way as a conservative Japanese man who thinks women need to get offline and into the kitchen.

Hope that helps!

A few additions:

💖 Fujoshi was originally coined in the early 2000’s on 2channel, a Japanese textboard website very similar to 4chan.

💖 Fujoshi is spelt as “腐女子” using Japanese characters. It’s a homophonous pun based on “婦女子”, where the character “婦”, meaning “married woman”, is replaced with “腐” meaning “rotten” or “fermented”.

💖 It was implied that these girls were “selfish” or “spoilt” because they didn’t want to meet society’s expectations and be a submissive housewife that would obey her husband’s orders.

💖 The anti-fujoshi community was popularized in Western fandom because of TERFs, following the idea that a person who discovered they’re a trans man because of BL is “not a real man” or “fetishizing gay men” or “wants an excuse to read their hawt yaois without any backlash”.

💖 Fujin (腐人) is the gender-neutral term for BL fans, and doesn’t have to be limited to those that are only nonbinary.

💖 You do not add an ’s’ at the end of fujoshi, even when you may be referring to multiple of them.

💖 “Yaoi” is an outdated term in Japan.

Excellent additions to the main points!

I do want to add however, that it was relatively common in early anime fandom (mid-late 2000s through early 2010s) for western fans of anime and manga (especially BL, at the time called yaoi) to also self-describe as fujoshi for the same reasons as fans in Japan.

The term was only later picked up by TERFS etc to hurl as an insult toward trans men.