Many otherkin would say that these type of feelings would mean you should explore/question if you have a kintype that is something like a dryad, alraune, dwarf, or other type of mythological creature or spirit associated with nature ans the earth.

Other otherkin would say that you might consider yourself to have a kintype that is the earth itself.

Almost all otherkin would say that you should take your time and explore the deepness of your feelings, question and search for your truth and want is meaningful to you.

Describe your experiences to yourself and put together a picture of what you feel and what you believe yourself to be, and come to an answer about what you feel your kintype to be.

This is a process called “questioning”, and its the way otherkin and fictionkin discover the trith about themselves. Sometimes it can take a long time to figure out what is meaningful and true to you, and that is always okay.