You ever see a take that makes you wanna just fuckin, never tell anyone about your ships

I ship for so many goddamn reasons, it varies between ship, but apparently there’s complete fucking strangers who look at your ships and use them to analyze what gets your dick hard, and I feel like I’m under threat of being violated, not in the ways I’ve been before but in the sense that COMPLETE FUCKING STRANGERS IVE NEVER SPOKEN TO are reading through my ships going “hmm, ah yes this guy masturbates to this particular kink, he has this fetish, he gets off to this”

Can you imagine if anyone did this with anything else?? “I see that you’re a fan of Supernatural. Do you want to fuck the devil? Do you wanna get railed hard by demons? Oh, you’re also a My Hero Academia fan? Who’s your favorite character? Tsuyu? Is it because she’s frog-like? Do you jerk off to anthro frogs regularly?” What’s worse is that while I was typing this out I remembered I actually had someone assume I condoned csa cause of a fucking anime I liked where the fictional csa was very clearly treated as a bad thing. The bad guy did it and that was one of the things used to cement him as the bad guy and yet, SOMEHOW, watching that anime meant I supported that. So people do assume you get off to shit if all you do is watch a fucking show. This makes my skin crawl.

“Wah but there’s nothing inherently sexual about being a fan of something” Neither is there anything inherently sexual about shipping. You’re being a creep. Quit assuming what strangers get off to. I’m pretty sure it qualifies as sexual harassment anyway.

This is a vent so idc how coherent this is