Fuck cottagecore, I want 80s fantasy film core. The sky is a strange hazy amber color, the foliage is purple, and everything is covered in an obscene amount of glitter. There are muppets and/or Hensonian creatures everywhere. Tim Curry is probably there. Everyone is dressed like they’re going to a renaissance festival. There are wild chickens running around underfoot. I am the town bookseller, which basically means my shop is filled to the brim with dusty, leatherbound books that I will either sell or potentially give away to you, if you express sufficient interest in them. You read these books and then have magical coming-of-age adventures and save the world. You try to bring the books back later but I tell you to keep them. There are unicorns and fairies and goblins and giants and other feral magical creatures without names who want to eat you. Be safe out there.