Alexandrite: What’s something your F/O is very passionate about?

Amethyst: How physically affectionate is your F/O? Are there any particular acts of physical affection that are their favourite?

Benitoite: What’s something about your

F/O that really stands out to you? 

Bort: What kind of hobbies does your

F/O have?

Cairngorm: Does your

F/O have any siblings? Have you met them, and if you have, do you get along with them? If you haven’t would you like to?

Cinnabar: What kinds of things does your

F/O do when alone?

Diamond: Does your

F/O get jealous easily (either in a romantic or general context)?

Euclase: How smart is your

F/O? Are there any areas of knowledge you think they might need to be better educated on?

Goshenite: Is your

F/O athletic? If so, what kind of sports/activities do they do?

Jade: Who would you say is a better leader between you and your


Lapis Lazuli: How well does your

F/O get along with other people? Do they have lots of friends?

Morganite: What’s something your

F/O is very proud of?

Neptunite: What’s something about your

F/O or something they do that you consider odd?

Obsidian: Between you and your F/O, who is the better cook? Do you often cook together?

Padparadscha: Tell us about how your

F/O sleeps! What position they sleep in, if they snore, if they sleep with any plushies, things like that!

Peridot: Does your

F/O do any artistic work (writing, drawing, etc.)? What about you? Do you show each other your works?

Phantom Quartz: What kind of media does your

F/O enjoy? Is there a particular title they like? Do you enjoy similar kinds of media, or are your tastes rather different?

Phosphophyllite: What’s something about your

F/O that has changed over time, or that they are working on changing?

Red Beryl: What’s your favourite outfit of your

F/O’s, and what’s their favourite outfit of yours?

Rutile: What’s something you and your F/O spend a lot of time doing together?

Sphene: Does your F/O do any sort of craftwork?

Yellow Diamond: How old is your F/O? If this is a romantic F/O, have they been in any relationships before they met you?

Zircon: What’s something your

F/O is insecure about?