It’s absolutely the difference, anon.

If proshippers were harassing antis on the scale that antis harass proshippers, they would never shut up about it.

There would be daily callout posts.

Bad actors exist in every group. There are proshippers who have harassed antis.

But they’re in the minority.

Whereas antishipping is almost entirely based around cyberbullying people they don’t like, and its obvious.

Just check out #anti receipts

“they say proshippers break DNI”

I am not going to read the bio of everyone I like or reblog posts from. People who don’t want me to interact with them are welcome to block me, just like I block people who annoy me.

Can someone please explain to me – are anti-shippers literally people against shipping fictional characters getting together? Is that the whole thing?

Antishippers are against anyone shipping together fictional characters in what they consider would be immoral relationships in real life.