You know what, no actually I am flattered that an anti like @ikillproshippers loves my content enough to break their own boundaries and steal my imagines.

As they say “you want to kiss me so much it makes you look stupid.”

I guess if they have the same sexual urges and love the same imaginary scenarios that I do one day they will be a degenerate proshipper too! 💕💞💖

After all there’s not that much of a leap between yandere content and other disgusting immoral degenerate content!

See you soon future nasty immoral proshipper!

It’s hilarious because a normal person would just block and filter if they didn’t like seeing proship posts.

This “person” clearly doesn’t! They’re acting very childish and once again, I don’t believe for a second they’re 18.

Well I mean I guess the thing is they love seeing my yandere f/o imagines!

They just hate me! 💞