Only ask for f/o(s) that are of age.

  1. What was your first time with your f/o like?
  2. How often do you and your f/o have sex?
  3. Is the sex between you and your f/o usually sensual? Passionate? Animalistic?
  4. How messy is the sex, or do you and your f/o try to keep it as clean as possible?
  5. Do you and your f/o prefer having sex in the dark or with the lights open?
  6. What was the most embarrassing thing to happen between you and your f/o before, during, and/or after sex?
  7. Any favourite positions?
  8. Any favourite places (ex. bedroom, kitchen, on a desk, against the wall  etc)?
  9. Any kinks and/or fetishes?
  10. Any erogenous zones?
  11. Condom or bareback?
  12. Your favourite body part of your f/o? Their favourite part of yours?
  13. Who’s usually the one taking the lead?
  14. What’s something that usually gets your f/o in the mood?
  15. Do you prefer pleasuring your f/o or having them pleasure you?
  16. Does your f/o prefer slow and sweet lovemaking or fast and hard fucking?
  17. Does your f/o keep their eyes locked with you the whole time, or do they look away in embarrassment?
  18. What’s the foreplay like? How quick is it to get both of your clothes off?
  19. Does your f/o tease you, or do you tease them, if there is any? How do you/they handle it?
  20. How good is your f/o at oral? How do they use their lips and tongue to pleasure you?
  21. How does your f/o taste?
  22. Is there any dirty talk? If so, how dirty? What about pet names and/or derogatory names?
  23. How good is your f/o with their hands/fingers?
  24. How loud is your f/o? Do they moan/whine/whimper? Do they curse? Do they call your name like it’s the only thing they know?
  25. Do you and your f/o hold hands while making love? How tightly do they hold onto you?
  26. What’s your f/o’s stamina like? Do they last long or finish quickly? Can they go for multiple rounds?
  27. Is there anything that can make your f/o cum every single time?
  28. How wrecked/spent does your f/o look by the time the two of you are done? Do they have a dazed look on their face? Completely disheveled hair? Chest heaving for breath?
  29. What’s the aftercare like, if there is any?