🌠 It’s okay to take inspiration from other works of fiction.

🌠 It’s okay to see a plot and decide to write your own take on it.

🌠 There is nothing wrong with writing works that are heavily inspired by other works.

🌠 Writing your own take on familiar story or characters is not plagiarism.

🌠 It’s not “uncreative” to want to work with ideas and characters that are meaningful to you.

🌠 Your voice and your writing are your own and no one else’s.

🌠 No one else will write a plot or characters the way you do.

🌠 Every act of writing is an act of creativity.

🌠 There is nothing wrong, bad, or “uncreative” about reusing plots, characters or ideas that have been used before.

🌠 When you write with familiar elements you add your own creativity to them whether you try to or not.