From this ask game. I’ll answer these for Mystique!

04. What’s something that you and your F/O disagree on? Can be either a big or a small thing. How do you deal with this disagreement?

Mystique and I disagree on how to handle problems sometimes. I tend to go with the first plan I think of, whereas she thinks things to death and comes at things from odd angles. One way we’ve dealt with this in the past is essentially deciding to trade off on who gets to make the decision. I’ll decide one time, and she’ll make the decision the next. Or sometimes we’ll wrestle for it..

07. How would your F/O react to accidentally upsetting or hurting you?

When it’s really an accident and not her deliberately winding me up, Mystique gets pretty flustered and apologetic. I try not to show when I’m hurt sometimes, because I know she feels like she hurts people a lot, and it makes her sad and upset to do it to me.