This ask game. Mystique again!

02. What’s your favorite thing about your F/O? What’s their favorite thing about you?

I think my favorite thing about Mystique is how absolutely tenacious and determined she is. When she wants something, she is absolutely unstoppable. She’s smart too, brain like a steel trap. Resourceful. Ruthless. Honestly I could compliment her all day <3 I’m not sure what she’d say her favorite thing about me is. Maybe how dependable I am. No matter what she’s up to, good bad, or indifferent, I’ve got her back.

09. Tell me a random fluffy headcanon about you and your F/O.

Mystique loves mermaids, and has a secret mermaid tail form that she’ll sometimes shapeshift into when she’s getting comfy taking a bath, or going swimming somewhere she knows is safe.