i was not? i was actually agreeing with them by using a slur from one of my own communities.

“Fujoshi has NEVER meant "women who fetishize gay men.” The term was appropriated by Americans starting in 2005, specifically TERFs and incels, as a way to push for the censorship of queer content. Many people who are anti-terf will still use the term as a slur, even queer people themselves, as right-wingers have unfortunately been successful in spreading misinformation about this term in the west. This blindly negative usage of the teem is most common among younger Americans, usually under the age of 25, as many people under that age were only starting to come to dedicated online fandom spaces AFTER the term had been reclaimed, and thus the misinformation makes sense to them and was accepted without question.

Fujoshi as a term has widely been reclaimed, but when used in a derogatory context, it is still considered to be a queerphobic and misogynistic slur.)“

they specifically state that the term is reclaimed, but still bad when used derogatory. like calling someone a fag or dyke when they don’t want to be called that.

i’m a girl who likes queer content. that’s what a fujoshi is. the term was literally made to be used against girls/women who supported queer content.

"The origin of the term "fujoshi” was when men in Japan, who were similar to what we currently refer to as conservative incels in the United States, were upset about women supporting queer content of any kind.“