Though they are often similar, Cameoshifts and fiction flickers are different experiences. A cameo shift is a general term for a shift (mental, phantom, or otherwise) into something that is not a kintype. They can be a one-time deal, or be reoccurring, and can happen to therians, otherkin, fictionkin, and even non-kin.

Fictionflicker is a word to encompass a variety of experiences that people may experience that do not fit under the “fictionkin” umbrella. In general, they occur after the consumption of media (reading a book, watching a movie, ect.) and involve a temporary change in perception or shift to that of a fictional character. Experiences vary from flicker to flicker, and between people who experience them. It could feel similar to a kintype, or wildly different.  A cameo shift could be one result, or just feeling strongly like a character from that world or connected to characters from that world. A temporary “taking on” or imprinting on a fictional character or world.

The term can also encompass other miscellaneous experiences regarding a blending of one’s perception with fiction in a way that other definitions do not describe accurately enough, or are so rare they have no specific term

The main similarity between Fictionflickers and cameoshifts is that they are both temporary experiences, involve something that is not actually a kintype, and can be experienced by anyone otherkin or not.


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