antis are running rampant these days with the same old same old 🥱 reminder that they’re anonymous pussies who don’t deserve your time nor your energy.

  • don’t respond to them with your heart in tact, they could’ve blocked u after sending their asks and kiki’ing about it in their discord servers.
  • don’t give them a chance of knowing you’ve seen their asks, delete them immediately. don’t even post about receiving any.
  • they don’t know who you are so do not give them a chance to by spilling anything to them.
  • after deleting the asks, if you feel down, get off the app and distract urself w things that make u happy or create a vent piece, listen to music, pick up a random show that u wouldn’t watch, watch youtube videos, cook. anything.

don’t even waste your time with these antis. their heads are so far up eachother’s asses, they can’t smell nothing but their own shit. do you really want to give up your precious time and energy to that? 🤨